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  • Boost Your Yield

    boost your yield.

    Older tractor? Newer planter?
    Make it work.
    Find out how here.

  • no more guessing.

    no more guessing.

    Quickly, easily and inexpensively
    connect your hydraulic hoses.
    Find out how here.

  • 3x the pump life.

    3x the pump life.

    Increase your pump life up to
    three times with the PumpDoctor
    Find out how here.


    room to grow

    We've moved our facility,
    changed our name, and
    prepared for many great seasons ahead.
    Read more here.



Effortlessly operate a large hydraulic-driven planters with vaccum fans and variable rate drives - all with your older tractor model. Learn more about HydraBoost here.



Eliminate excessive vibration, shaft strain, warping and breaking caused by your heavy PTO pump. Learn more about the PumpDoctor here.



Take the guesswork out of connecting hydraulic hoses to your tractor - color code them and make them easy to connect. Learn more about HydraGrip here.



Created specifically for pneumatics, the GladGrip replaces traditional hose connections known to warp and break. Learn more about GladGrip here.



FarmFest drew in thousands of farmers and their families. Were you there? Share your favorite highlights from FarmFest here.

We've Moved!

Command Hydraulics has moved to accomodate for growth. Read more about our recent name change and our move here.

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