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What is the PumpDoctor?

The PumpDoctor is a support bracket that mounts a PTO pump directly and securely to a tractor frame, elimiating excessive vibration, shaft strain, warping and breaking caused by heavy PTO pumps commonly used on large hydraulic planters.

Why do I need the PumpDoctor?

The PumpDoctor has been proven to increase pump life up to three times - saving you time and money.

Will the PumpDoctor work for me?

We would be happy to assist you in finding out.

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Where can I purchase the PumpDoctor?

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What are the benefits of using the PumpDoctor?

  • no vibration
  • reduces pressure gauge flutter
  • reduces gear, bearing and shaft failure
  • relieve stress on the pump and PTO shaft
  • saves downtime and operator frustration
  • available for most tractor models
  • easy to install

What is included?

  • all necessary mounting hardware
  • pump brackets with flex-couplers

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